How to Keep Tropical Fishes in Fish Tanks – Patience is Key.

The best advice for setting up and maintaining a good-looking, healthy, low-maintenance aquarium is “Don’t Rush!” Plan on the set up of your aquarium taking weeks. The more weeks the better. And that’s before you even look at the first fish! Continue reading

Keeping Goldfish in a Fish Tank

Goldfish deserve real tanks too. A goldfish bowl is almost certainly an early death sentence for a fish that, properly cared for, could live 10 years or longer. Continue reading

Before You Spend One Penny on Fish, Research!

Of course you’ve already researched the kind of fish you want, right? What about the place you’re going to buy them from? Continue reading

Beginner Fish Tank

Again I want to go against popular wisdom about what kind of tank a beginner should try. Most people who think they would love to have an aquarium, but are afraid of doing it wrong, think that they should start small. Continue reading

Aquarium Care : Cleaning & Maintaining your Fish Tank

A clean, well-maintained aquarium keeps fish healthy and allows you to enjoy them more. Dirty aquariums are hazardous to the fish’s health, shorten their lifespan and look cloudy and grimy. Continue reading

Aquarium Decorations : Decorating Your Fish Tank

Aquarium decorations are necessary in all aquariums. They provide places for fish to hide, give them some variety in their lives and add interest to the aquarium. Continue reading

Freshwater Aquariums

Maintaining Freshwater Aquariums

Freshwater aquariums are definitely the most popular type of aquarium for fish hobbyists. It is easier to find supplies and information on keeping a freshwater aquarium, which makes it desirable for novice fish keepers. Continue reading

Fish Food

Like mammals, fish have varying needs. Some prefer to eat only plant matter; others only eat insects and worms, while still others will eat a variety of food. It is important to feed your fish a diet that is suited specifically to its needs. Continue reading

Saltwater Aquarium Fish | Saltwater Aquarium Care

Maintaining Fishes in a saltwater aquarium

Keeping a saltwater aquarium is similar to keeping a freshwater aquarium. The biggest difference is that you have to measure the salt content in the saltwater aquarium. Continue reading

Choosing Fish for Fishtanks

Over the years the consensus for the best fish to choose for your first aquarium has changed. When I started my first tropical tank back in the early 70’s, the advice was guppies, guppies, guppies. Continue reading